Why can most people not pass
their state's PI license test
without our private investigator practice
test question study material?

test centers for private investigator license tests private investigator licensing test study questions for PI license test
Because the private
investigator licensing tests of
California, Illinois, New York,
Nevada, and several other states
cover far more than your own
experience prepares you for!

First things first. Do you have the required experience?
Although some states have no expeience requirement,
others require 1, 2, 3, or even 5 years of verifiable
investigative experience before sitting for the exam.

Next, complete and send in an application.

License application, California private investigator PI license test:

License application, California private patrol operator PPO license test:

License application, Illinois private detective license test:

License application, Nevada private investigator license test:

License application, New York private investigator license:

We also can help with your application.

Then, you will need practice material.
There is only one source to direct you to study material practice
test questions for the private investigator PI tests of various states:

TRIVIA: Most states do NOT have a residency requirement,
so some persons 'collect' private investigator licenses!

Can you pass the background check?
Each state has its own rules on past convictions for crimes.
Most forgive many misdemeanors if long ago.
Check allowances before you apply, as to not waste your time.

What will your 'specialty' be?
The most common is 'surveillance',
which is the following of persons.
This is usually persons suspected of
cheating in relationships or of
faking an injury claim.

Some do lie-detection, statement-taking,
or process-serving.

Less popular, but also less crowded,
is vehicle accident investigation
and also fire cause and origin.


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